The Diet Plan

What is my plan of attack to win this battle with my scale?  Well, I’ve been researching this for quite a while and haven’t found a single diet plan that I feel I can embrace fully and follow for the long haul.  There are too many rules with many of the diets out there.  When to eat, what to eat, restrictions, counting, logging, it’s all too much for me manage.

I have busy days, and no two alike, managing the kids and household with school projects, sport practices, appointments, and so on.  I can’t fit into my schedule the added hassle of counting calories and keeping a log.  This needs to be simple without extra steps to my “normal” routine.  So I’ve come up with a combo approach.  I like that both the Paleo and Mediterranean diets don’t require counting or logging so I’m halfway on board already.  There are restrictions, however, on what to eat but I think I can manage it if I keep it simple and not over complicate it.

In the chart below, you’ll see my comparison between the two diets and what I plan to follow.

Now that I have decided on a diet plan, creating meals that my family will enjoy is the next challenge, especially with my two little picky eaters.  And let’s not forget deciding on an exercise plan!  I’m currently looking into this and will include my exercise plan in an upcoming post along with successful yummy recipes.




My Plan

No processed food checkmark checkmark checkmark
No refined grains checkmark checkmark checkmark
No refined sugar checkmark checkmark checkmark
No refined oils checkmark checkmark checkmark
No trans fats checkmark checkmark checkmark
No dairy checkmark

Skim/low fat, no butter

checkmarkNo milk, yogurt, margarine, occasional skim/low fat cheese and butter

No peanuts checkmark checkmark
No added salt checkmark checkmark
No Alcohol checkmark

Wine 1 glass/day (women)

checkmarkI don’t really drink alcohol so 1/day is too much to commit to, however I do enjoy a glass on the weekend or special occasion

No potatoes checkmark checkmark
Sweet potatoes checkmark checkmark checkmark
Fish, seafood, poultry checkmark


Grass produced meats checkmark

checkmarkLean meats, 2x/month

Olive oil, Coconut oil checkmark

checkmarkMainly olive oil

Fresh natural fruits & veggies checkmark checkmark checkmark
Eggs checkmark checkmark checkmark
Nuts & Seeds checkmark checkmark checkmark
Whole grains checkmark

checkmarkOccasional whole grain  bread/pasta

Legumes checkmark

checkmarkNo peanuts

Diet Plan (printable pdf)

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