Laced Fingerless Gloves

I recently purchased the craft book Generation T beyond fashion by Megan Nicolay.  She is amazing.  Who knew there were so many ways to bring life back into an old T-shirt.  The laced fingerless gloves or, “gimme some glovin” as Megan Nicolay calls it, was the first project I tried out of her book for my daughter, although I didn’t use a T-shirt but an old pair of her leggings instead.  She needed something a little extra for her Halloween costume, she was half an angel and half devil, and these laced gloves were just the ticket.  She thought they were cool and a little bit rocker that fit the devil side of her costume.

Halloween is always super busy in my house, with decorating, planning class parties, creating games and activities for the class and, of course, baking sweet treats.  So I was happily surprised when I saw that the directions for these gloves are not too difficult, don’t require any sewing, and can be done rather quickly.  Took me about 30 minutes.

Halloween maybe over, but the gloves still live on.  My daughter has given them a life after Halloween when she rocks out singing her favorite songs in front of her mirror.  So, these may have started out as a Halloween project but have ended up as a great little pair of gloves for many other uses.  Give these a try and let me know how you decide to wear them.

Laced Fingerless Gloves


  • 2 T-shirt sleeves or I used an old pair of my daughters knit leggings
  • 60″ ribbon
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • seam ripper
  • measuring tape
  • fabric pencil/marker

DSC03377 (3)

1. If using leggings, as I did, measure and cut up from the bottom 6″.

DSC03378 (2)

2. Rip the side seam using a seam ripper and lay flat.  If using sleeves, cut the underarm seam and lay flat.


3. Trim the sides for a total width of 8″ on each piece if needed.

DSC03379 (2)

4. Wrap the fabric around your wrist.  Mark where it meets and then mark an additional 1″, this is where you will trim the fabric.  Do the same with the other piece.

DSC03382 (2)

5. Fold the fabric in half, short sides together.  Mark and snip holes through both layers at 1/2″ from the edge and 1″ apart.  Do this for both gloves.


6. Cut ribbon into two 30″ lengths.  Attach the safety pin to one end and begin to thread through the holes starting at the hemmed end.  Repeat with the second glove.


7. Finish the threading by tying a nice bow on the end.


8. Next, fold the glove and mark a 1-1/2″ vertical line (thumb hole) about equal distance from the top and bottom of the gloves.  Cut along the line to create your thumb hole.


Now they’re finished and ready to wear!  These looked so cute with my daughter’s costume and are equally as cute when she wears them just for fun.

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