One of my loves is really great food.  But sometimes these dishes are not the most healthy option.  So I’ve searched, tested, and created recipes that taste amazing and fit into the Mediterranean and Paleo diet plans, which I’m following (see post on The Diet Plan for full details).  I want the full flavor but also want to provide a healthy eating lifestyle for my family.

Healthy eating can be challenging for kids, well mine anyway, some healthy recipes just aren’t kid friendly.  I’ve found it helps to include my kids in the planning and creating process and now they have developed a love of cooking.  When they are helping to make dishes in the kitchen they are more likely to try what they were a part of creating.  Granted not all have been winners in their minds but that’s all part of the process of trying and modifying recipes that may eventually be “kid approved” thumbs up.

The recipes that I offer are full of flavor, healthy (Mediterranean/Paleo), and kid approved for the most part.  Some even though may not be kid approved, they are too good not to share.  I hope you will try and enjoy them as much as my family.

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