Teacher Survival Kit

After what seemed too short of a summer vacation, it’s back to school.  My daughter was so excited and could not wait for all the back to school shopping.  Actually, she was ready for the shopping even before the school year ended!  Picking out new supplies, backpack, lunch box, new clothes, etc.  So much fun going through the aisles and seeing the vast number of choices.  It can be overwhelming, but she was focused and had her list of needed supplies but of course there are always items not on the list that she just absolutely must have and make their way into our cart.  For instance, a cute little two colored stapler.  This I can’t say ‘no’ to as it really didn’t cost much and, I have to admit, it is super cute.

Now, I thought we were all set.  We got all our supplies, new clothes picked out for first day, knew what we were going to pack for lunch.  Then, my daughter has a brilliant idea.  Let’s do something special for the teacher.  What a great idea and is really sweet of her to think of her teacher.  But what do to.  My daughter came up with the idea of a Teacher Survival Kit.  It is such a great idea for a back to school gift.  She did some research online and we came up with a list of items to pack into a craft supply box.  All items a teacher may need and enjoy.  We also came up with an instruction list (see below) so that her teacher would understand the meaning behind each of the items.  We packaged it all up and tied it with a nice sparkly bow that my daughter picked out.  I think this looked so nice when it was all put together.  All items were easy to find in our local stores like Target and Walmart and it didn’t cost much or take much time to do.



teacher survival kit

At the end of the day, as I was waiting to pick up my daughter in car line, her teacher made a point to walk over and thank us for the wonderful gift.  She was so surprised and appreciative of the kind and thoughtful gift.  What a great way to start off the year!

This is a nice way to do a little something for the hard work that our teachers do each and every day.  The Teacher Survival Kit can be modified to the “likes” of your teachers and can be done anytime during the year.  It would make a great teacher appreciation or holiday gift as well.  Please write back and let me know how you like this idea and how you might use it.  Thank you and have a great school year!