Halloween Spider Craft

I wish I could take credit for this one but it belongs to Michael’s.  When I was searching for a fun way to serve candy at my daughter’s Halloween class party, I came across this on Michael’s website under projects.  I instantly fell in love with this creative way to use a craft pumpkin and the instructions are pretty straight forward.  I did make a couple minor modifications to my spider, for instance, instead of using decoupage and glitter for the mouth opening, I just went straight to glitter glue (combined two items into one easy step) and then I used a different design for the eyes.  But these were just my preferences,  feel free to make your own modifications to make this your own creation; use different colors, sizes, or other creative ideas you can think of.  It’s Halloween and spiders, monsters, and ghouls come in all shapes and sizes. Read More

Re-upholstering Chairs

Check out my new post on  Re-upholstering Chairs.  Over the years, my kids did a really great job decorating mine!  Stains that I couldn’t get out anymore.  It was time to stop being embarrassed and cover them up once in for all.  Stained chairs not required for this project, however, complete gratification is guaranteed.  Enjoy!